Two-thirds of major companies are not “Google compliant”

From a US survey, admittedly, but the UK is actually worse. Pure Oxygen Labs carried out a thorough survey of the top US organisations and found that:

  • 2/3 risk ranking downgrades in Google for not serving mobile versions of indexed pages
  • 1/2 serve any mobile formatted content to smartphone searchers
  • 1/3 serve some mobile content, but only 6% fully comply with Google’s requirements

The scary number is that just 6% do the mobile thang properly. It’s not clear how hard Google are going to come down on offenders, or even when, but it seems a gross oversight of the the majority of companies not to be compliant. We’ve felt the effects of a headlong rush into the mobile space over the last 7 months, we’ve been kept pretty busy both consulting and deploying. Whilst I get a sense that many organisations are going in the right direction, I’m amazed at the number that seem to be playing the waiting game.

When Google do enact their stated policy it could well be carnage as companies scramble to catch-up.