Windows + Nokia = Death?

The PC has been dying for a year or so, broadly when tablets took off. Add Microsoft’s lost decade plus the failure of Microsoft Surface, it’s no surprise that many industry pundits are predicting the downfall of Windows and even Microsoft as a traditional software and operating system vendor. They’ve been killed by what are essentially open source systems and applications; Unix, Android, Mozilla et al.

This was really hammered home this week when Microsoft ponied-up about £5bn to buy Nokia. In many ways, they are identical twins, they both owned (60%+ penetration) their respective markets just 10 years ago. By way of contrast, between them they total less than 5% of today’s mobile market.

It’s quite a watershed moment in the digital world. Say goodbye to Windows, I remember the very first versions, 30 years ago.

I trust they become Microkia and not NoSoft. Now that Ballmer has gone, they have a fighting chance (and pots of money).