WordPress 3.9 is now rolled out

WordPress Support and Development.

The last major release of WordPress before version 4.0 was fully rolled out by the Connected team last night.

We started testing a while back as WordPress 3.9.1 was always going to be the tricky one, after 5 consecutive smooth releases.

Most of the issues revolved around the visual editor, which broke or stopped working in a lot of themes. The WordPress community has been working flat-out for the last few month, updating themes and plugins to make them work. Not all were completed on time.

Here is the big list. If you’re on a Peerless WordPress Contract then we’ll have fixed the problem, or have a fix in the pipeline. If you’re unsupported then you can expect to be contacted to discuss the upgrade options as we plan to drop any support for 3.8 by the end of the year.