Instant Everything. Living in an on-demand world.

Our thinking.

10 years ago, public-facing organisations took a couple of weeks to respond to stuff, the pace was dictated by the speed of the Post Office.

Today, organisations are no longer time-shielded and expected to react instantaneously – and in the public glare.

This Instant Everything culture is now so pervasive it’s fundamentally changed human behaviour in less than a decade. Driving us to check:

  • Email on smartphone – every 36 minutes
  • Checking Twitter for replies – every 39 minutes
  • Checking phones for texts – every 48 minutes
  • Checking for mixed calls – every 49.25 minutes
  • Checking PC or laptop for email – every 54 minutes
  • Checking Facebook for messages – every 57 minutes

The challenge for managing client service is daunting. Gone are traditional working days and glacial response, replaced with always-on service. Our WordPress Support has gone through a huge evolution over the last few years, gone are teams of dedicated support folks; all sitting there waiting for issues to crop up.

The whole company is now client services

Looking after our clients defines who we are, and is one of the reasons clients work with us for years. Since the end of 2013 we’ve abolished the traditional role of client service and woven into the fabric of how we operate.

We couldn’t do this without serious help, and this is where we gained the most and adopted a world-class support-desk service. We use Zendesk and it alerts us, monitors our performance, keeps us informed and lets clients tell us how good we’re doing (4 straight months of 100% client satisfaction).

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