WordPress 3.9 – the pretty update

WordPress Releases.

Big feature releases of WordPress tend to get all the glory, but not this time. WordPress 3.9 brings more and simpler visual editing power

Named “Smith” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, WordPress 3.9 is now on full release and we’ll be updating client web-sites over the next few weeks automatically. It’s a year since we introduced automated updates and we’ve now completed over 5,000 updates since Feb 2013. And only broken a few installations.

WordPress 3.9 gives us…

A smoother media editing experience with a neater visual editor that simplifies cropping, rotation and basic image handling. These tasks were typically executed outside of WordPress using Adobe Photoshop and whilst there will still be a need for the big-guns image editor, the vast majority of simple stuff can now be done inside of WordPress.

It’s great to see WordPress driving towards simplicity and democratising web platforms. Also added is a neat copy and paste feature from (shudder) Microsoft Word. (Far too) many people still use the antiquated word processor as an origination tool for content and the guys at WordPress recognised the need to make the copy and paste work properly.

And WordPress 4.0?

It’s not far away and still under wraps, but hey … did you know WordPress is an Open Source project and anyone can join in a contribute? Or take a light-hearted look at what might be in 4.0.

If you want to roll-up your sleeves then visit http://make.wordpress.org/ and sign-up. And it’s not just for geek and programmers, the guys all need help on everything from documentation, UI and mobile.

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