WordPress 4.0 (beta) is launched

WordPress Platform.

Released yesterday, WordPress 4.0 is not the giant leap that the 4.0 moniker might infer – more of a regular update. So here’s a photo from last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. We’re an agency of Pistonheads really.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Development on WordPress 4.0 only officially started on April 30th, led by Helen Hou-Sandi.

We’ve got a copy downloaded but not playing with it yet – our agency is just a little busy in the run-up to the summer lull. It’s supposed to contain better language pack control via internationalisation and a prettier media manager.

We’re not sure who the release is really for or what core feature it’s addressing but maybe we also got caught up in the hype of four point zero.

So no need to hold your breath. Once it’s stable and tested, we’ll be upgrading contract clients to the latest and greatest, I’d expect that to happen over the summer period.

Happy WordPressing.