WordPress Support Report : February 2016

Peerless WordPress Support.

Another 600+ support ticket month.

In the first two months of 2016, we’ve received nearly 1,300 support tickets. This compares with less than 500 in the same period last year.

100% Client Satisfaction

We’ve managed the neat task of more than doubling the number of WordPress tickets in the last year and still maintain a rather stunning 100% client satisfaction. We have, in fairness, grown the support team to cope with the extra load from a larger number of more demanding clients.

We’re not complacent, either, we’ve completed our GitHub roll-out and continue to consolidate our supported hosting providers – we’ve added additional DNS services to simplify server porting and dramatically upgraded our hosting services so that most clients sites are running 50% faster than this time last year.

We’ve also dropped our “classic” entry-level support packages so all clients gets premium support, 24×7 monitoring and 24hr response. We really couldn’t see the point in providing a second-class service, especially as our ability to scale support has yielded fantastic economies of scale.

We are now have the capacity to deal with over 10,000 support tickets per year. Comfortably, and still aim for >99% client satisfaction. To ensure we maintain our world-class service, we have reduced our “client cap” to no more than 35. That means we’ll never take on more clients than we can comfortably handle. We don’t won’t to be “big and middle of the road”, we’re committed to being “small and great”.

WordPress Support Stats for Feb