WordPress Support Report : January 2017

Peerless WordPress Support.

299 WordPress Tickets Solved, 14hr Response, and 100% client satisfaction.

A strong start to the new year with nearly 300 tickets solved and a 100% ticket satisfaction rating.

WordPress Support Stats - Jan '17

Support was a good deal quieter than this time last year, when we we’re yawing under the strain of a sustained DDOS attack. January saw the start of our “Security First” Programme which will see us migrate ALL our client managed sites over to SSL (the green padlock) and is due to be completed in the next 30 days. And going forward all new sites will also be 100% SSL enabled.

As we first reported 3.5 years ago, SSL will become a default used by all web-sites serious about the web. We completed the move so all our digital services went 100% secure back in September 2014. At the time just 10% of the top 20 WordPress agencies were secure, that’s now grown to 80% in just over 2 years.

And, of course, we’ve been encouraging our clients to do the same. Not everyone understood the significance and some were slow to adopt so we’ve made SSL integral to our support offering, and a condition of continued support.