WordPress Support Report : July 2016

Peerless WordPress Support.

328 WordPress Support Tickets, 12 hrs Response, 100% Client Satisfaction.

Summer’s here: Fewer tickets, slower initial interaction but still top of the world for client satisfaction

We got to 90% of all tickets inside 24 hours with over half picked up inside the magic first-hour. The overall ticket volume has dropped 20% since our busy June – we’re laying this at the day of school holidays, better weather and some refinements in our support process that reduced the number of notification-type tickets.

Response by hoursComparison

Quality, not quantity

We pride ourselves on providing a peerless level of service to a tightly curated group of clients, we’re not about trying to manage hundred of clients using a cubicle/call-centre approach. All WordPress support engineers are experts on the WordPress platform with 5+ years of experience. Quality trumps quantity every time, especially if you are a client, so we’re always looking to improve.

Since adopting Zendesk in 2012, we have made extensive use of automated systems to manage the flow of tickets, notifications, and updates. Periodically, we constantly strive to improve the qualitative side of automation and at the end of June, we had a major update to our internal systems and processes. The result saw us remove some of the clutter that we occasionally see on our helpdesk, and at the same time improve our initial identification of problem tickets.