WordPress Support Report : November 2016

Peerless WordPress Support.

231 WordPress Tickets Solved, 8hr Response, and 100% client satisfaction.

After last month’s minor blip, normal service has been resumed and we’re back to a 100% ticket satisfaction rating.

November Support Numbers

There really isn’t much more to say. Overall, the performance of our WordPress support team across 2016 has been excellent, and next week sees most of the team gathering in London for a few days of bonding, back-slapping, co-learning and generally celebrating a rather fabulous year.

We expect there will be much merriment, some client meet-ups and more than a few beers sunk as the support team comes together for the annual Christmas event which runs from Wednesday thru to Saturday. As a remote-first company it’s important to get the team together in a social setting to share our learning, re-establish bonds and to remember why we do what we do.

It’s also our first Christmas since we expanded our physical team into North America, so we welcome the chance to share our somewhat legendary hospitality with Dave and Sam from Canada. During 2016, they’ve very quickly become key in widening our skills base, and expanding our core support hours to 10am to 10pm.

Looking forward to 2017, and without giving too much away, we’ve got some exciting plans which we’ll share in next months report, when we’ll also review the whole of 2016. Use of WordPress as an enterprise platform has exploded and the demand for high-end WordPress support has grown exponentially since 2012 when we created one of the world’s first dedicated WordPress support teams. Onwards and upwards.

And, if you’re a client reading this, we’d welcome comments, stories and suggestions on how we can improve our performance.