You can have your cake … and the icing

Not sure how the phrase really goes – “Have your cake and eat it” or “have cake and icing”. Either way, sounds yummy.

Organisations are putting off going mobile/responsive due to the fear of losing what they have now and spiralling costs. Slow-witted agencies who don’t understand this space aren’t helping, either – making it sound all complicated and pricey. However, it doesn’t need to be pricey and could easily offer marketing a free pass to get rid of legacy systems.

We’ve all been stuck with the horrors of old systems – developed in a vacuum years ago by an internally-focussed team that existed to keep their own jobs and contracts – witness the crumbling of the Microsoft empire as it’s legacy applications have not only been superseded; they’ve been replaced with whole new ways of working!


Want to reduce costs? Get rid of legacy stuff? Move quickly to a responsive world? Dump your old agency? Talk to us.

Mobile as a trojan horse

The drive to go mobile will be well understood across your business, from chairman down. The expensive legacy platform issues won’t, though.

When you embark on the Mobile Journey, you start from the irreducible core and usefully that can sweep away lots of old platforms and applications. Do you still need that outdated CRM system? Especially now as your customer services model is moving towards social platforms. Can you scrap the complicated hosting that you run to serve your digital assets? In all likelihood the architecture was invented in a time before affordable and scaleable cloud servers.

If you were thinking of starting again for your digital assets then you might have a broader look at what you really need to provide for your customers.

Less can be more

The glaring reality staring many organisations in the face is the cost of managing, supporting and growing their digital offerings. They’re sprouting up everywhere and we’ve all got to think a lot more tactically as the pace of innovation accelerates relentlessly.

Often you can re-build your core digital services in as little as a month and the total cost of re-build and support will frequently be less than your current support cost. It’s that dramatic – you can have your cake … and icing on the top.

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