2019: A year in WordPress support

2019 was a belter: 2,611 tickets logged in 5,309 client interactions and a 100% client satisfaction score. That works out as one ticket successfully solved every 29 working minutes. Gotta raise your hat to the support team!

2019 also marks our third successive year of a 100% client satisfaction rating.

Whilst the numbers clearly speak for themselves, the real thing that has changed this year is the use of Automation/AI to improve and underpin a whole raft of the processes and services we provide including intelligent updates, support ticket management, blockchain-style service authentication, billing, payments, general accounting, SERP reporting, and PPC management.

As we begin the 3rd decade of the 21st century, we’ll see the emerging technology to improve the service we offer our clients. Some simply facilitate faster and more efficient and lower cost in the delivery of services (such as 5G and natural language processing) but there are truly game-changing technology such as Blockchain and Extended Reality (XR) that will change forever the provision of digital services for clients and ourselves alike.

Not all that is coming is good: More sophisticated cyber attacks, phishing and social engineering present a real challenge to maintain integrity across an ever-increasing number of services that will be needed to maintain a competitive advantage. We’d hope to see the back of useless content trash dumps – the clutter and repeated garbage it creates is not too dissimilar to the world-wide plastic problem – but old-skool SEO companies are likely to still be pushing out far too much digital noise for a few years yet.

Here’s to 2020.