Time to make a little less noise, digitally speaking

If there is one thing that stands out in the modern age it’s the sheer volume of digital noise. It’s relentless, clamouring for what remains of our ever stressed mental capacity.

Come the next decade, we are going to make a lot less noise, we’re going to speak a little quieter, and above all avoid shouting. Digital noise is centered around social media, sharing the toxic space with fake-news, gambling adverts and Bitcoin scammers. We’re taking a stand. We quit Facebook nearly two years ago and have aggressively pruned dead, fake and automated followers from our Twitter account. We also stopped posting needless images, stock photos and other recycled crap.

There is, in our opinion, no need to add further to the digital landfill. Usefully, many of the brain-dead SEO agencies are churning out less of this rubbish – maybe we’ll see an increase in high-quality, well-researched journalism and thought-provoking opinions.

We’re still writing, focusing on what we are thinking about, where we are going and how we operate. It’s more of a quietly reflective journal that others can follow, we’ll not be jamming it down anyone’s throat. Follow if you wish, we’d love to have to come along, sharing as we go.