Annual Client Satisfaction Survey

We recently completed our annual client satisfaction survey, and it made for some interesting reading. It was conducted anonymously and went to all clients who have been with us for more than one year (37 in total) and it asked a number of closed questions such as “quality of response: (good, ok, bad)” and “would you recommend us to other companies”.

It’s the third year we’ve run this survey, and it’s an important part in discovering how our clients’ perceive us and what we can do to improve. It forms the basis of our services and product plans.

This is, however, the first year that we are sharing highlights. Thanks to all those that took part and extra thanks to those that spent time answering the open question sections.

The highlights were:

  • All clients rated our response as Good or OK. Good got a staggering 75% score.
  • 92% stated our new helpdesk system (Zendesk) was an improvement on the older, email-based service.
  • 78% felt that we were “more transparent in 2013, than in 2012”.
  • 22% regularly read our blog, a much higher figure than we expected and for those that did 88% found it information and / or useful.
  • 100% of clients felt our skills and experience was better or the same as the previous year. This is despite re-structuring our main development team and losing 4 web developers.
  • 86% rated our account management is good or excellent
  • 43% felt our PAYG changes costs for WordPress were too high

The Outcomes

  • We have expanded our support service to cover “guidance and help” through our Peerless WordPress Support Programme.
  • We have reduced the standard support cost from £99 per hour to £85 an hour. Better reflecting the lower cost of labour and skills required
  • Zendesk is being upgraded and improved to improve the client experience and provide better internal reporting to identify problem areas
  • The survey will be extended to include clients who are less than 12 months old. As we grow, new clients under 12 months old represent nearly 30% of a client base

Overall, we think we performed well in 2013 and even better once clients started to understand the whole point of WordPress.

Despite being a WordPress-centric agency since 2012, we switched our branding over fully to “WordPress Digital Agency” at the end of 2013 and since then we’ve attracted a lot of WordPress-centric clients so we fully expect to “better fit the needs of our clients” in 2014.

If you have anything to add, or suggest, then reply on here or tweet us directly.

We look forward to working better in 2014 and also better fulfil the needs of our clients.

Client Comments

“Clear ways of working – there is no confusion from the initial meeting through to development and management, everything is clearly laid out, structured and {we have a} complete understanding of the process”

“Collaboration – {…} done in a way that not intrusive or disrupts the working day. It’s not about the individual but more about everyone involved”

“all costs are upfront, {…} your costs are realistic rather than retrospectively adding additional costs at critical moments in a build”

“Straight talking – no fluffy marketing talk”

“{you have adopted} the best systems in the marketing place (Basecamp, Agile Project Management System) to ensure that everything is delivered on-time, on-budget and working!”

“Efficiency – deadlines mean deadlines, not nice to achieves”

“conversion thinking throughout everything you do, as it should be”

“work will be done, requests don’t go into the abyss that is ‘account management’ then ‘project management’…usually equating to more costs”