Groundhog day marketing

Marketing Innovation.

Whilst the range of marketing services has gone through a revolution, many marketers are still pounding the same old streets. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Twenty years ago I was still in school, primary school to be exact but I remember watching probably later a film with old douchebag that re-lived the same day over and over again. He learned that by trying something slightly different each day he eventually got the girl.

On the face of it, the thought exercise is interesting in terms of what you would do if you had 10 lifetimes to try out every variation of marketing possible. In the the film, the lead character, Bill Murray improves not just himself but the lives of the people around him to such an extent that he ceases to be the douchebag.

As most digital marketing seems to be written, created and delivered by unimaginative douchebags we could well learn from Uncle Bill and try to improve what we do, how we say it and where we deliver it. We can all stop being douchebags.

By Penny Driscoll, Head of Cheesy Film References