Apple goes all “flat UI” with iOS7

With todays release of IOS7, Apple have put their weight behind flat UIs. As we covered back in April, the shift from designed web-site to providing digital services is gainer wider adoption.

iOS 7 is designed so the UI helps users understand and interact with the content, but never competes with it by stripping away the UI to expose core functionality and reaffirm its relevance. Its a bold step for a company that engendered a skeuomorphic view of UI delivery and quite timely as both Google (with Android) and Microsoft (with Metro) had already adopted this flatter, easier to use environment. Many industry observers are suggesting that this is simply Apple playing catch-up but time will tell.

This will change digital design for the foreseeable future; if you were unlucky enough to miss the boat, it’s highly likely that your app or website will look very dated quite soon. Time to think about changing again? Well, if you’ve built your digital services on an open framework it should be pretty easy to move over to a flat UI. If you’re the owner of a hand-built special then this could be the final straw to move out into the world of open digital frameworks.

Since 2010, we’ve been a member of the Apple iOS Developer programme and we’re looking forward to the next stage of developments. If you’re looking to move to a flat UI or considering moving into open frameworks for your digital services then contact us.


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