Environmental Policy (updated for 2023)

Carbon negative since 2020, carbon neutral for over a decade. Connected is carbon negative; we sequester more carbon than we use. By 2030, we will have offset our total emissions since we founded in 1996. Our carbon initiatives are broadly broken into four categories: Lower carbon density: Use less carbon by using carbon-efficient methodologies, travel, […]

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The Emergence of the Augmented Workplace

The modern workplace is undergoing a significant transformation as augmented reality (AR) and other cutting-edge technologies continue to make their presence felt. As companies strive to enhance productivity and collaboration among employees, AR has emerged as a powerful tool that can revolutionize the way we work. Augmented Reality: A Game Changer for Businesses Augmented reality […]

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AI Policy & Ethics

Connected understand and actively embrace the opportunities that AI can offer in terms of labour-saving, insight, data-processing, economic growth, nature of work, and invention. We are also very aware of the risks it poses. We are fully committed, where appropriate, to the adoption of non-prejudicial systems – specifically around computer vision and natural language processing […]

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The office comes home, and other predictions for ‘22

Its been a few years since we joined in with the “predictions” silly season, but here goes. Previous efforts, such as 2011, saw us predict the rise (but not fall) tablet computing, the wildly desperate end of Google’s search dominance. Cloud computing and subscription models fared better. 2014 went slightly better with the rise of […]

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Social media and neurological issues

We all know that social media is not healthy. Some of us might have seen the dangers of addiction, and others still the under-current of mental health issues that swirls around the whole shock/influencer/peer pressure/fake-existence/information disorder dramas that plays out 25×7. Many folks put this down to poor self-control, an addictive personality, or simply deny […]

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Growth in cycles: The boom and bust of technological innovation

If you believe in the boom-bubble-decline cycle of tech innovation, then the last few years have been mesmerizing. To give some background, our company was founded a handful of years before that momentous Dot-Com bubble moment in early 2000 that eventually saw three-quarters of the value of the Nasdaq wiped out, along with thousands of […]

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