Best WordPress support month. Ever

WordPress Support.

One month after launching our Peerless WordPress Support Service: And we’re smashing records left and right.

WordPress support at its best
The graph speaks louder than a whole book of words. And it’s fricking awesome.

The moved the game on back in January, when performance was slipping out of control. It wasn’t a resourcing blockage, we’ve dealt with a lot more in the past. It was one of focus.

We shifted from ticket touching to a clear the ticket mentality. This upped our satisfaction rate – that’s 4 consecutive months of 100% client satisfaction, and dropped the response time this month to a jaw dropping 3h50m.

Ticket volume was a bit on the low side (normally around 150 tickets a month). We have new client contracts started, based on our Peerless WordPress Support offering so the number of tickets is gonna rise in the next few months.

By Mike “Peerless” Chan

ps: we’ve got 11 outstanding tickets going into May 🙁