Big data is getting very big indeed

Connected Universe.

32,000,000,000 devices will be connected to the Internet in the next five years. And each digitally connected home will generate 160GB of data and consume 2TB per annum

The numbers are huge, and largely driven by the Internet of things with every flavour and colour of new devices appearing daily that connect to the internet.

As interesting and abstract as that seems, it signals a shift from standalone web-sites and a move towards organisations providing integrated digital services. The old web is not dead, merely being overtaken by machine-to-machine conversations.

And the list of those devices is long; Smart lighting, thermostats, fridges, smoke detectors, cars, toys, dog collars, glasses, clothing, music, wigs, bikes, sofas, desks and jewelery to name just a few. These are what’s coming initially in the first-world whilst the smartphone growth will be driven by the third-world.

These changes will impact every business everywhere, but maybe not in the obvious ways. The change brings with it new business models that rely on real-time information on for everything from weather, current trends, activity, market and regulatory information, location, context and activity patterns.

We’re seeing this already within the advertising space as increased real-time information and activity is driving context-based advertising and acquisition.

We’re also starting to see the diversification of revenue streams as traditional web companies move into the new digital services space. Digital agencies are now embracing a far wider range of services and products and using glue rather than bespoke development to supply innovative digital solutions.

If you’re interested in this new world and the evolving shape of digital services then drop us a line. We’d be keen to hear from you.

By Martin Dower