Can the iPhone 6+ replace the iPad Mini

By Martin Dower

I live and work a pretty nomadic life and for the last year or two I’ve relied on my iPad Mini. It replaced the Mac Air I used to use.

Enter the iPhone 6+. Huge screen and monumental battery life is what separates it from the distinctly old-world iPhone 6.

Is it now time to ditch my iPad? Possibly now but probably in the near future. Everything I can do on iPad I can also do on the phone.

Ok, it’s not as comfortable to type on, but I use a funky Logitech keyboard case on the iPad so maybe I’m being unfair on the new phone. Copy and pasting is still a ball ache without a good keyboard.

The screen is actually nicer to use than the retina Mini and for ad-hoc stuff (like this post the phone is better).

The jury is still out but I’d be daft to think the convenience of a smaller device is not going to win out.

For sale: iPad mini Retina with Logitech Keyboard case