WordPress Support Report : October 2014

Peerless WordPress Support.

As October comes to a close it’s been our busiest month so far for WordPress Support.

A month in the life of a WordPress agency is interestingly varied and probably not as you’d imagine.

Imagine a world where clients wait patiently in-line to speak to the WordPress doctor. Sitting quietly, they hope we can fix their ills whilst clearly explaining what the problems are. the queue is not long, maybe 10 people in the waiting room and you’d expect to be seen promptly.

This is not the reality

It bears a greater resemblance to an Accident and Emergency unit, staffed with committed experts all running flat-out to deal with the next emergency. Everything is urgent – even if it isn’t. This is what life in a support department is like.

We make triage decisions every hour of every day to best serve the overall needs of everyone, and avoid the terrible knee-jerk response that is typified by most support departments.

How do we cope

Clearly some things are more important than others, for example a complete site outage (we had one of those last Sunday) is really critical and naturally gets immediate attention. Minor issues and small changes are pushed back. This can be irritating.

In October, we handled 238 new issues – a little higher than normal – but we comfortable responded to them in an average of 5 hrs 30 mins. Some were really critical and others could wait, but on average we responded 4 times quicker than the industry average (24hrs).

We rely on a sophisticated helpdesk platform (Thanks @Zendesk) and this beautifully manages the tickets, client communication, escalation, satisfaction surveys and reporting.

October 2014 WordPress Support Performance

And what do our clients think?

According to the independent survey of every ticket that we’ve got a 100% satisfaction rating. We’re very proud of this and jealously guard our reputation. With 5 members in the support team (new bod Aaron joined this week) we committed to providing the highest level of WordPress Support anywhere.