Christmas Party 2009

Christmas is just around the corner, this time of year many people get dolled up ready for a night out with work colleagues and we at Connected are no different, although we had our bash a little earlier than most.

In late November we descended upon Harrogate, the famous spa town in North Yorkshire staying at the beautiful Crown Hotel whose guest list boasts a number of famous names including Lord Byron and The Beatles. Once we’d all checked in, we headed up to our rooms to get ready for the evening event.

Now donning our suits and dresses, we had a couple of warm up drinks in the hotel bar before departing for The Restaurant Bar and Grill, just a short walk from the hotel.

IMG_6234We were seated and pretty soon the wine and conversation were flowing and the party was now in full swing. The courses were a grand assortment of things including Baked goats cheese, Crispy duck rolls and Tempura of king prawns for starters. Grilled salmon, Malayan spiced chicken (which was fantastic), Sirloin steak and Baked parmesan and butternut squash tart for main and Chocolate fudge brownies, New York style cheesecake and ice cream for dessert. All the food went down well with plenty of wine throughout which gave us a good foothold for what was to come.

IMG_6271After the meal we moved on to the Blues Bar where resident Jed Thomas and his band, were blasting out lots of great music. The cramped space was a little too much for some of us so quite a bit of time was spent outside in the chilly Winter night.

After a few drinks at the Blues Bar, we headed back to the hotel bar to play out the rest of our game of “survival of the fittest”. For some (including myself) the night was winding down from this point on. It was getting late and the drinks were starting to take hold. From here on I can’t really go into much detail as I slumped off to bed early compared to some of the group who continued to party into the wee small hours.