Not happy? Got a problem? Want to complain?

Image#6700207We really do try our best to help clients and their customers but, being human, we sometimes fall short of expectations. This is part of being human and we’re keen to hear about your experiences (good as well as bad) so encourage you to contact our CEO, Martin Dower via email [email protected].

So, got a problem, got an issue with how we’ve dealt with you, got a questions about how and why we do stuff. Contact our gaffer, he’ll do his damned best to sort out the problem, whether it’s about support, build, deployment, customer service, consultancy, invoicing / accounts, data protection or a plain old simple complaint about something that is broken.

We do have dedicated teams to deal with different problems and issues, so it’s also worth having a look at the contact section.

You can call him on 0845 051 4228 but in almost every case you’ll get a quicker, more fuller, response using email. Or you can leave a comment on this page and it will be passed onto him.