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As we enter our 14th year of trading it was time for a change in our outlook. What do you think of the new look? (email me We've seen substantial growth in 2009 and 2010 is heading the same way and we wanted to get all of the team contributing regularly to the site so we've adopted the Wordpress platform and, with a few tweaks, created what I think is a nice fresh and clean identity (thanks Colin). We're planning to publish lots of articles, information and ideas; we're going to be sharing our very best ideas with you so we'd really appreciate your comments (good and bad). Give it some time to grow and it will become a pretty useful place to gather ideas on how you can improve your Internet thinking, strategy and results... [more]
We really do try our best to help clients and their customers but, being human, we sometimes fall short of expectations. This is part of being human and we're keen to hear about your experiences (good as well as bad) so encourage you to contact our CEO, Martin Dower via email [more]