Do not contact us with (insert your favourites)

The internet can seem to be a festering pool of human detritus.

Ok, that might be a bit strong, but there exists an annoying large number of pond-dwellers..

This post is for them. In future all such requests will be sent here.

  1. Do not contact us with anything spammy or scammy. Ever. We are not gullible idiots.
  2. Asking us to create a link to your “fantastic article on XXXXX” serves no purpose whatsoever if it’s not properly researched, up-to-date, and relevant.
  3. “Dear connected-uk” is not a formal greeting. “Dear info” is worse. Both smack of extreme laziness.
  4. Do not send us press releasee, we are not the press. We get our news from the BBC, Twitter, and down the pub.
  5. We don’t outsource work to India, Ukraine, etc as the quality of the work is often poor, the cultures sometimes clash, and the outsourcing companies pay low rates.
  6. We won’t sell space on our site, and that includes you writing paid-for posts. It might work for others, it’s just not us, sorry.

*sigh* – that’s the 2017 spam rant over. As you were.