Does AI have an opinion?

If you ask most Gen-AI systems this question you tend to get an answer something along the lines of

“As an AI, I don’t have personal opinions, emotions, or biases like humans do. My purpose is to provide information, answer questions, and generate content based on the data and algorithms I’ve been trained on. My responses are generated based on patterns and knowledge in the data, not personal beliefs or preferences.”

And I tend to agree, accept, that by using information it’s been trained on it’s acquiring others opinions. You can also, on most commercial platforms stipulate or train in a tone of voice. However, most questions that might require an opinion of viewpoint tend to be a little anodyne. Take for example this post, written by a human being and then this post, which is AI attempt to write a post on the same subject, using the original human content.

If nothing else, this is an interesting experiment that will see us monitor the relative success of both articles. Food for thought.