How to get WordPress Support

Peerless WordPress Support

Getting WordPress Support is as simple as opening a new ticket and takes less than 5 minutes.

Back in 2012 we moved over our entire support infrastructure to Zendesk – since then we’ve dealt with tens of thousands of WordPress Support queries quickly, painlessly and with over 99% client satisfaction.

If you’re a customer of our Peerless WordPress Service then here’s how to get started.

Opening a Support Ticket

We accept tickets via email, directly on our support portal or through twitter. The process for each is slightly different but still has the same components and everything ends up in one place – on the support portal.

Screenshot 2015-08-13 15.39.12Via email: send an email to [email protected] containing a title with your problem/item and a short summary in the body of the email. You can attach screenshots, files and pretty much anything to help us to help you. If it’s the first time you have submitted a support request then the system will send an email back to back to confirm you’re a real person and also create a new account for you so you’ll be asked to provide a password.

Via the WordPress Support portal: you can visit the portal at which will ask you to login using Twitter, Facebook, Google or a conventional email address and password. Once logged-in you will see any existing support tickets you have created (and maybe tickets created by your colleagues if you have a multi-user support agreement) plus any administration tickets created by our support team.You can progress, responses too. To add a new ticket simply click on “Add Ticket” and create a title plus content and submit it for our support team to pick it up.

Multi-user Support Accounts. If your organisation has a multi-user account you can see, add, edit and solve tickets created by others within your organisation (depending on permissions).

Password problems. If you lose your password then select the “Forgot my Password” option at the portal login page (see screenshot). Alternatively, if you have never logged on but have submitted a support query via email then select “Have you emailed us? Get a password“.

Not currently a Peerless WordPress Support Customer

You’ll need to sign-up for an account. There are number ways to do this.

End-user account. An end user account can be signed-up for directly online by going here and signing using PayPal. This supports all the major credit cards as well as PayPal payments. This account is limited to a single end-user, be aware this is not a developer support account.

Alternatively you can send a support request via email to open an account and a support team member will get back to you to discuss the various options. If you have a more involved need or need a developer support account you can use the same process.