January Client Support Summary

January was our first full month recording all client services touches and tracking progress (we use Zendesk) and it’s interesting to summarise the month.

Where our open and transparent support team hang out fixing problems, curing baldness and charming snakes

We’re still getting to grips with the system but anecdotally the clients’ perception of the level of support has gone up, we had 450 client touches. We’ve had only 3 major incidents in the month so it’s been pretty quiet but we still mowed through 86 tickets, solved the same number and have less than 10 on backlog (2 of which are pending and 2 appeared over the weekend).

Not so good was our response time, nearly 46hrs (eeek!) so that’s the focus to fix in February with a target of 20hrs and to reduce the number of next day responses to less than 20%.

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 12.30.21The plan is publish our stats every month as a way to openly measure our performance, I believe that by being transparent we will strive to do better and also our clients will better understand where and how we are improving.

By Martin Dower


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