Meet HAL, our first Hackathon

Loving the HackathonWe’re open to new ideas and approaches and a client project around the social and community space has got us all excited about what we can offer. A whole fountain of ideas have exploded and rather than create a standard scope of works we’re trying something new and having a Hackathon on Wednesday to blast out a prototype or two.

Titled HAL after the month and year in chemical symbols (Hydrogen and Aluminium) and a hat tip to the fictional computer in Arthur C Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Starting with a late breakfast at the venue we’ll start with the Concept Presentation and the rest of morning entail kicking ideas around and creating some lumps of functionality that we want to push out during the rest of the day. I can’t share the contents (client confidential) but I’ll try to update this post with the process and challenges we come across.

The idea is not new but it’s our first dive-in and deliver attempt on a relatively large project. Inspiration came from a few sources, including Facebook, RIM and AT&T.

by Martin Dower
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  • MartinDower

    HAL was a success. We finished on time and produced a working prototype product. In fact, so successful was the approach we’re unbuckling our traditional approach to some key development areas and going to use fast-prototyping (which is essentially what hacks are) to get systems up and running. The outcome was a (almost) fully assembled mico-social network, very sweet.

  • MartinDower

    The hackathon approach is catching on, on Friday we held a mini hackathon to resolve a lot of the conversion form issues we were having on VNX 4.0 – went briliiantly and delivered on the day a great solution.