The tale of the big bad media agency

Big Bad Agency -Once upon a time there existed a media agency who really didn’t understand the digital space or care about their clients. They were so greedy they only cared about billings and making profits from their clients. Some said they had no respect for these hardworking clients and called them names like “dumb” and “gullible” behind their backs.

It was 2003 and Google didn’t pay the standard 15% agency media discount. The agency was too lazy to explain this properly so didn’t get the client to use Google Adwords. Bad agency, they knew that Adwords would of made a big difference but I guess they didn’t care.

Along came a small development company, pointing out the error of the mistake. The digital agency didn’t not make a bean from the advice – it was an honest opinion.

The agency was fired. The small digital agency grew strong, stayed honest and kept the client on the straight and narrow for 10 years. The media agency is still around, I hope the quality and culture of the advice has improved.

Ring any bells?

By Martin Dower