June Support, a great last quarter

WordPress Support.

Scaling support for an ever-growing number of WordPress installations has been the major push in the last quarter.

During the period we’ve seen the number of support tickets climb over 50%. The combination of a number of a new WordPress support contracts and the end of the recession has seen the number of new tickets per day rise from 5.5 to over 8!

Last 90 days of support

To deal with this growth we added a new WordPress Specialist hire in May, and are looking for another WordPress Specialist to join the team. In other news, we beat our 24 hour response time and scored an impressive 97% satisfaction rate.

We still have room to improve and a number of key initiatives are in the pipeline for the next 2 calendar quarters. We know how important the role of support is and how critical good WordPress support is to the long-term growth of the platform in the corporate marketplace.