PayPal : Simplifying business payments

We now officially take PayPal. No, we’re not moving into selling second-hand tat or magazine subscriptions.

We feel it’s important to give our clients the widest range of payment choice and that should not be restricted to paying by bank transfer only. What’s next? Bitcoin?

We’ve been huge fans of PayPal and their trust approach to conducting business. So effective have PayPal been at building trust that frequently folks will opt to pay by PayPal over any other method of payment. And this is no longer restricted to buying second-hand tat from eBay.

For over a year, PayPal has been our preferred method of paying business suppliers, and our clients are also starting to catch-on with some settling micro-payments such as domain name charges and add-on costs via PayPal.

From October the 1st it’s now an official invoice settlement method. Extending the payment options to PayPal, naturally, allows organisations to settle invoices via credit and debit cards – it is sometimes easier to settle small payments from departmental credit card expense accounts rather than centralised purchasing departments. It’s all about choice and simplicity.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.35.51We’re also planning to accept PayPal’s Automatic Billing and have some work to incorporate that into our accounting systems. This is expected to appear in 2014 for new clients taking standard support and services contracts. If, as an existing client, you wish to switch to payment by PayPal or Automated Billing then contact our Finance & Accounting team on 020 3468 2150 and select 3 from the Automated Attendant, we’ll have to move you over manually.

From a client perspective, why would you not take PayPal? It offers a wider choice of payments and works especially well for micro-payments, and these could easily be used to verify identify as they could to take add-on payments. Nice and a simple.