Peerless WordPress Support Just Got Better

WordPress Support.

Launched in early 2014, Peerless WordPress Support from Connected just got a whole lot simpler and better.

Since we started our dedicated WordPress Support service in 2012 we’ve been striving to refine, simplify and improve what we offer. Last year we streamlined our offering and made our pricing transparent. This year we’ve added automated backups, revision control, full 24×7 monitoring, automated security patches & updates plus performance enhancement – all as standard.

We’ve listened to the feedback from thousands of WordPress Support requests and continually updated the support service to better reflect the needs of clients. When we started the service, we realised the need for clients to wrest control of the web from traditional programmers and IT departments.

Creating the Peerless Support Service was aimed at exactly those organisations that wanted reliable access to high-quality WordPress engineers without the cost and hassle of paying-by-the-hour or signing long-term expensive support agreements.

We know that much of the administration for WordPress is easy to handle with just a modicum of expertise but the risks of getting it wrong often outweigh the benefits of an unsupported digital service. Who were you going to call when it went wrong?

Usefully there are now a plethora of low-cost WordPress support offerings out there, often starting from as little at £50 a month. However, these services needs thousands of clients and tens of support engineers just to create a sustainable business model.

That’s too productionised for us. We also think that if you’re yielding £100k+ per annum from your online world you should probably be protecting it a little more seriously. This extra care and dedication comes at a cost, but it’s still a small price to pay for 100% peace of mind.

We aim for 100% client satisfaction and we’re damn near almost there with a 99.7% client satisfaction score for 2,500 WordPress support tickets in 2014. Yes, we are a little more expensive but you get what you pay for in this world.

Peerless WordPress Support Contracts start at £190 per month

Getting started is very simple 4-step process

  • Contact us and hand over a copy of the keys to your web-site site
  • We’ll give it a once over and check its secure, up to date and running smoothly (if its not we’ll give you a list and a cost to fix – Its a bit like an annual service for you car, and costs about the same.)
  • We’ll give you options with prices. Based on support window, response time and what you want covering. The basic Peerless WordPress Support package is just £190 (+VAT) and you can sign-up directly online here.
  • Pick what you want, and off we go

You use our dedicated portal to see all your tickets, progress and common fixes. You can contact us via the portal, email and Twitter to open a new ticket or query the progress of an existing support issue.

Simple support, exactly as you’d expect from the UKs first & best WordPress-only Agency.