Behaviour contradictions in today’s consumers

1 MIN READ: The psychology of consumers.

What people say, and what they do, is often wildly different.

Making sense of the meaning, amongst the confusion of sentiment, is an art. For example:

  • The freedom of choice. But, present too much choice (think Indian restaurant menu) and we are overwhelmed and go with the safe choice (“same as last time”, or “I’ll have what you’re having”).
  • The desire to be spontaneous. We like to think, and believe we’re empowered by being free spirits. Mostly what we require is stability, surety and certainty.
  • Complain about the noise. But think we’re missing out if we can’t hear it – his applies to gossip, social media, “Breaking Bad”, and even adverts.

TL;DR: Don’t believe a word your consumers are telling you, test the scenarios yourself. The outcomes are often as surprising to marketers as to the consumers themselves.