WordPress Support Report : May 2017

Peerless WordPress Support.

100% client satisfaction, 12hr response, and 262 WordPress tickets solved.

May sees the pace pickup, as ticket volume rises 30%.

Even with a pair of Bank Holidays, support activity is on the increase. Oddly, the increased ticket volume seems to generate a smoother flow of support tickets and we see the first-response average drop under 12 hours for the first time in quite a while.

The average doesn’t always tell the whole story. In fact, over 70% of tickets were actually responded to in less than 1 hour – this is super impressive and reflects well on the small, but wickedly attentive, support team we run. May also saw our 3,000th support interaction of the year, setting us on a course for a record year.

We had another month of “no stress”. That means no major outages, no support squeezes, or out of hours panics. Great support just runs, smoothly, in the background – and that is how May went for us and our clients.

May saw the roll out of the latest WordPress fix, and all went without a hitch.

It also saw us complete our PHP7 migration plan – every site is now tested and prepped ready to go to the newest version as and when the infrastructure providers are ready to roll it out and marks the end of a 6-month rolling plan to prep every site for the forthcoming migration.

As we have said many times before, it may seem an expensive luxury to operate a support of 5 on call to cover less than 300 support issues across less than 30 clients. But we don’t think so – it might make our service a little more expensive than some, but assures our clients that they will get the support they need, when they need it and have access to the right skills. Every one of our team has over 5 years of technical WordPress know-how under their belt.

No juniors here, no first-line support, no interns in sight, no second-class personnel – everyone of our team are highly skilled and hugely experienced. It’s always about the quality and never about the quantity. We’re super-proud of our team and the work they do. Client support is the most important function in our business, and gets treated as such.

As we charge into the halfway mark in the year, we continue to refine our support operations. Automation and AI is driving a lot of the efficiencies in our operation, we rolled out an enhanced support experience in May, with an improved support app, better remote support, faster processing of communications, and reduced support “clutter”.

At 100% client satisfaction over the first 6 months of 2017, we’re tempting fate a little to hope that we make it halfway through the year and still maintain that 100% badge. We’re not complacent, we know we need to earn it, but it would be great reach the milestone as it would mean almost 4,000 support interactions all rated as “good”. If we can do that, it would be much better than good, that would be ace.