Server Wall of Shame – still using dedicated servers?

In a recent post, we talked about how stable and reliable Amazon AWS services were. This is a quick note to illustrate this in hard numbers:

  • 53 live web-sites
  • 39,432 live hours during October
  • 9hrs of downtime, 99.9998% uptime
  • 71 outages, 58 from the bottom 10 servers
  • 6 of the worst 10 are hosted on dedicated servers
  • 1 is an AWS server, with 7m of downtime
  • 3 of them are applications servers for internal functions so don’t count
  • One server, with 26 outages, is a Windows Hosted Server (Yuk!) that can’t seem to stay up for more than a day


Still hosting on a dedicated server? Why?

Post note: 4 of the client sites on this list will have moved over to cloud-based services before the end of January –  one notable exception (ahem, 26 outages?) is simply upgrading the service to a bigger Windows box. Doh!