Upgrades completed: WordPress 3.7 and VNX 4.2

wp3-7-180x180As promised back on November 10th, “We’re committed to keeping our clients protected from bad things on the Internet” and as a result all contract supported clients have now been upgraded to VNX4.2 which includes the latest WordPress 3.7.

Over 70 upgrade cycles were executed out of hours during November with a total of 2.5hrs downtime. That’s less than 30 mins of downtime per client.

Originally, this was expected to run until the 20th of December but we were able to upgrade in larger batches and we had fewer post-update fixes than last time around. Woot!

Support for previous versions will be maintained until at least Spring 2014, and with now only a handful of clients on previous versions we expect to sweep those up with plenty if time to spare.

Additionally, client sites going live between now and the end of the year have also been upgraded.

Thanks for your patience and working with us to maintain the high level of service availability you’ve come to expect from us.