Support Contract : Price changes

Effective 1st April 2014.

Support requests for WordPress installations have grown 5-fold in the last year – not only that, the complexity of the requests has also increased.

Sadly, the quality of communication has fallen – causing confusion with the use of poor grammar.

Today we are introducing a “punctuation surcharge” whereby each incorrect use of punctuation will add £9.50 + VAT to a client’s monthly support bill.

It’s a sad refection of the times, but spiralling support costs need to be paid for. Clients interested in purchasing bulk plans should aware that “10 Packs of commas” are available for sale at the reduced price of £85 + VAT.

by Order of the Connected Grammar Compliancy Unit

…and on a more serious note

WordPress Support Contract – from £95pm

We’ve been supporting WordPress installations for 6 years and with the addition of our “Peerless WordPress Support Service” from the start of the month we’re growing and expanding our support function to offer more.

We operate a fully automated support function using the Zendesk platform to monitor and process support tickets (2,500 in the last 12 months). And we publish the our performance, openly – for example here is March’s support report.