Support gets all sexy, sort of

That is really a fib. WordPress support is not the sexy side of what we do, it’s the trudge in the rain to the tube station, or the cross country commute in the Yorkshire dales. It’s often seen as a necessary evil, and frequently gets staffed by the lowest grade folks with a resulting poor service.

Not at Connected, we’re proud of the WordPress support we offer our clients and strive to be the best in the world at supporting WordPress installations. We’ve invested heavily in training and also make sure that every member of our team spends time working in support. It’s obvious, but a better understanding of coal-face problems makes us stronger and more aligned with the needs of our clients.

February Support Performance

February support response

February was a typical month for support, and a benchmark we’re very proud of. A new ticket support ticket appears every 50 minutes and a support action occurs every 28 minutes. In the last 90 days that equals 1,000 support actions and nearly 500 support tickets cleared at a 96% satisfaction rate. We’re measurably good, that’s neat (thanks to Zendesk for the independent audit of support performance)

I’d like to think that our WordPress support is the best in the industry – and the most honest. We are human so we do make mistakes but our transparent approach and speed of dealing with tickets (92% of tickets are dealt with inside one working day) drives our client satisfaction rate through the roof!

Not every client responds with a comment to our satisfaction-check, most simple click the “thumbs-up” link – some do though, and here are a handful over the last few weeks.

  • “The support was spot on, problem sorted within an hour”
  • “not every site change is easy, this new one isn’t but then we don’t change site very often over 13 years now!”
  • “query resolved quickly,no probs, spot on service”
  • “The support is always first-rate and prompt. Very many thanks.”
  • “As ever, fast and well done… V best”
  • “Prompt attention, and exceptionally good support and service once again.”

To support WordPress properly is more involved that most realise, in most (not all all) cases we also manage the WordPress hosting, CDN and assorted domain services as well and that means a lot going on in the background to ensure we maintain our 99.95% uptime record.

24×7 Support

Support is available around the clock, 7 days a week – so although weekends tend to be quieter in terms of client requests we’re still on the ball and responding to problems, often fixing them before the problem becomes a crisis or even before the client has noticed the issue. Below is graph of support activity for February, you’ll see we’re still beavering away on Saturdays and Sundays.

24x7 WordPress support

If you are not on a WordPress support contract and fancy giving us a whirl we’re offering a FREE 30 days of WordPress support to new clients in this quarter (March, April and May). Go on, give us a try.