Support Performance for the first 6 months of 2017

Peerless WordPress Support.

100% client satisfaction, sub 11hr response, over 1,400 WordPress tickets solved.

2017 so far in support has been nicely paced, unstressed and delivered with care

We’re not huge fans of “being busy”, we think it’s incredibly inefficient and can easily become a toxic environment. As a result, we over-resource, and that gives our team the time and space to deal properly and quickly with client issues. It may be a little more expensive, some might even call it excessive, but our aim is to be the best WordPress support organisation in the world, not the cheapest.

The care and attention we lavished on nearly 3,500 client interactions can be seen in our, unique, 100% client satisfaction. We don’t know of another support organisation of comparable size that maintains such a high level of satisfaction. And we’d like to thank our lovely clients for giving us such a big thumbs-up! We appreciate it, and we promise not to rest on the accolades of the past.

In 2017, we continued to invest in AI to speed-up the management of tickets, issues, and escalations – and this has paid off handsomely. The time and resource required to complete an average ticket has dropped 12% from 2016. Furthermore, in the latter half of this year, we’re upgrading our monitoring systems to better deal with out-of-hours issues.

We’re here for the long-term, to look after and develop meaningful long-term relationships. Unlike many agencies, we’re not chasing growth and that allows us to focus on getting to know our select band of clients better – allowing us to adapt and improve the service we offer.