The cloud is rebooting (again)

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Security, hacks, privacy and more hacking seem to be major theme of 2015. And now the whole of the cloud is rebooting for the second time this year.

As part of an undisclosed security vulnerability, most of the cloud will go down for up to 30 minutes – usefully not all at the same time.

The upcoming emergency security maintenance being performed at one of our cloud infrastructure providers, through WPEngine, and the majority of other cloud infrastructure providers across the world will be conducting maintenance due to this situation

And just to clarify, this maintenance is not part of WPEngine hack exposed earlier this week – that problem is now plugged.

Around 35 sites will be affected by the system-wide reboot, which is scheduled to start around 5am on the 16th of December, and in order to implement the patch, our infrastructure provider will be migrating and rebooting impacted servers. For more information about this you can read the Linode Critical Xen Maintenance post here:

We take the security of your site very seriously and this is required maintenance – all clients impacted need to do nothing, the entire process is managed as part of your WordPress Support Contract.