The PC is 30 years old

Is your disk floppy?And that makes me feel old. I worked on the very first IBM PCs back in 1983, most folks at the time said they’d never catch on – all serious computing would be done on Mainframes or Mini-computers.

This also means that I’m celebrating THIRTY YEARS in the computer industry this year. Where’s my gold watch?

For a price of $4,995, it features a Intel 8088 processor, a 10MB hard drive, 128 kB RAM and one double-sided 360kB floppy. To put this into context a 10MB hard drive would hold 2 songs in MP3 format. A modern BluRay video file would require a pile of floppy disks 9m high (approx 18,000).

Just saying. Old dogs can sometimes hang-on to new tricks … occasionally via the use of very strong fingernails.

By Martin Dower

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