Top 3: Our most popular posts

2016 in view.

57 articles, 21k readers and 212 shares. 2016 was all about aiming for quality over quantity.

Since our first post, 8 years ago, to date we’ve written over 750 articles, over 400k words and seen over a quarter of a million readers.

Ok, not quite Huffington Post numbers (200m page views per month) but we’re proud of our modest numbers and we very much write for those who come back time and time again (about a fifth of our visitors are repeat visitors).

Money, money, money

The top 3 posts are all about money, costs and rates. Not surprising really, especially as few in our industry actually talk about costs, or even publish a ratecard. BTW, here’s our updated rates for 2017.

Agencies : WordPress Developer costs and rates in 2016

The cost of migrating to WordPress (from 2014)

Revised Ratecard for 2016

If you ignore money then the next most popular articles is the series of “No Office, No limits” with just 1,100 readers. But, the lesson for us seems to be … “if you want readers, then talk about money” – which is all the more important in a industry that generally keeps its rate cards and price lists kinda secret.