WordPress Support: A review of 2016

Peerless WordPress Support.

We started publishing our support performance in 2012. Well, how time flies, 2017 has just begun to it’s a great opportunity to review our support performance for 2016.

We support a mixture of mid-sized clients running WordPress – we were the first national WordPress Agency to exclusively support WordPress via a dedicated WordPress team. Since 2012 they’re all supported through our Zendesk-based helpdesk.

We remain the only UK-based WordPress agency that we know of that openly publishes independently audited data on our WordPress Support service. It is important to say that we’re not about volume, we’re about the quality of support we provide, we support a carefully curated client list of less than 35. That ensures the service remains exclusive and our clients are looked after with the kind of care you cannot find elsewhere.

4,678 tickets, sub-14hr response time, 10,000 support interactions and 99.6% client satisfaction.

Support has grown dramatically during the year with ticket volume and support interactions up over 40% over 2015 and we now have 5 dedicated WordPress support experts.

Overall, it’s been a great year for support but with no rate card increase, net income after costs is slightly behind the curve, rising just 12.2%.

Small is beautiful. Stability is king.

Our support team is small, well-knit and super-stable. We started the year with 5 dedicated WordPress Support heroes and we finished the year with the same team.

Support workflow is self-managed using our first-come-first-served process that ensures every new ticket has a fair and equal shot at being fixed inside the magic “sameday”.

Our clients come to rely on dependable, reliable support so we avoid chasing crazy growth – we add a handful of new, carefully-vetted, support clients every year and that managed growth is how we keep the team together and our clients happy. 99.6% happy!

Remote-first, we rely on a mixture of technology and empowerment to provide peerless support. And we have an “Everything, Everywhere” approach to all aspects of how we run our company. That means that anyone can carry out any function of the business regardless of where they are or time of day. It allows us to run a physically disparate support unit with folks in the UK, Europe, and North America.

If you want to know more about our support infrastructure then please do contact us.