VNX 4.1 Re-Boot launched

In beta since May 1st, Connected are proud to formally launch VNX 4.1 (Re-Boot), an open-source framework for delivering digital services. It offers:

  • Open source licensing available with support contracts
  • Responsive design framework designed to work in a NoCode environment
  • Extensible and expandable with off-the-shelf plugins
  • The usual suspects baked-in including; back-end integration, database management, security, profiling, A/B and segment testing, high availability, admin permissions, sophisticated form and application management, social influence/media, digital asset management and change control.
  • A simple system to add agile marketing and deployment into your arsenal

VNX 4.1 Re-Boot is the culmination of over 10 years developing digital frameworks that started with VITES in 2003. As part of the move to Open Source we’ve been phasing out support for VITES in it’s various flavours that still flourish in the wild. The last major update was VITES 3.0 in 2010 and since 2012 we’ve carried out a managed transition from older versions to the newer VNX 4.x

Key Benefits of VNX 4.x over VITES 2/3

  • Faster development, approximately 300% reduction in development time and cost
  • Simpler framework, requires less low-level knowledge to deploy and support reducing cost and speeding up site evolution
  • Lighter server load, VNX 4.1 requires 75% less processor and memory capacity to do the same job, reducing the cost and complexity of server configurations
  • Expandable, over 200 off-the-shelf plugins available ratified and growing by the week
  • Easy to use, utilises WordPress 3.5.2 (and we’re working on an early WordPress 3.6 candidate release, if you’re keen to get ahead) for it’s world-class CMS engine
  • Support Mobile and SmartDevices, using a responsive framework simplifies the delivery of digital content and massively reduces the time required to support non-PC devices.
  • Standards, using pure HTML5 and CSS3 support, done properly
  • Low cost deployment. Using a modular core, reducing initial setup time from days down to hours (or minutes if you’re using an Amazon AWS Machine Image). Yes, you’ve guessed – it works beautifully on the cloud.
  • Reduced licensing cost, down to zero (subject to a support contract)

If you’re still using an old version of VITES, either 2.1, 2.4 or 3 and we haven’t contacted you about migration then please get in touch. If you’re using an older WordPress framework and want to move to VNX 4.1 then contact us to discuss your migration plans.

Current VNX 4.0 deployments will be upgraded out of hours; a) automatically for cloud installations and b) by plan for dedicated installations.

Why Re-Boot?

VNX 4.x is a ground-up re-think covering just what marketing and operations departments need. We’ve paired away the technical w**kery that permeates most web frameworks and produced a lightweight, superfast and easy-to-deploy digital framework for real business people. So, we’re Re-Booting the web framework space and disrupting the control exerted by the traditional web gurus. Yeehaa, bully for us 🙂