VNX 4.1 to support IOS7

Apple’s new mobile operating system, IOS7 is due for shipment in week 37. We’ve been working with the early development versions since May so our upcoming release of VNX4.1 is first for us – it supports a mobile operating system that’s not even shipping yet!

As a committed Apple Development Partner since 2010, we’ve kind of grown up with the Cupertino company and we think IOS7 is Apple back to their innovative best and places them squarely back on top of the pile. We are, however, not blind to the growth of Android and have recently purchased Nexus equipment to make sure we don’t get left behind. Interestingly, everyone at Connected gets a free choice of tablets and computers and no-one has yet opted for an Android device – so they tend to be left, all lonely and unloved.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.40.53