Wordcamp just gets better and better

With the conclusion of WordCamp 2013 San Francisco it’s an exciting time to be part of the digital community. Despite the over-whelming number of developers and techies that turned up this year (boy, can some of them drink craft beers!) its’ refreshing to see the platform moving out of the shadows and into the mainstream. WordPress 3.7 (the next version) has huge plans to become even more “platform-like” and that’s great news for the NoCode movement; marketers and sales teams need to have more input and control over digital services and need to see programmers disappear in the back-rooms, where they belong. It’s coming.

We missed the UK weekend in Lancaster, despite it being so close I think San Fran is much more appealing! Next up, in the UK is London at the end of November, however, on the same weekend we’ve got an option to go to our favourite Autumn retreat of Raleigh, NC. I know where my heart is – as there are a few of us going I guess it’ll be London rather than the East Coast. Ho hum.

Still, I’ll try to wangle going back to San Francisco next year.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.59.52