We don’t do Magento, or Drupal, or anything else apart from WordPress

Being a WordPress Agency.
The modern digital services world needs experts, not jack-of-all-trades.

Sadly, for many agencies its a matter of survival that they diversify into working with lots of different technologies – despite it often being the cause of their ultimate demise.

The more you diversify your product coverage, the weaker the skills and experience in each field becomes. In a digital space moving so quickly organisations need to work with agencies that are ahead, and stay ahead, of the game.

If you’re a general purpose digital agency chasing work in any sphere, on any platform and in any vertical then you’ll not be able to stay ahead.

This is from personal, first-hand, experience.

Focus on a handful of things and become great at them. Invest your time, money and passion into the things you are really great at. And drop the rest.

And be bold. When you’re approached by new clients, be honest with your agency’s skills & experience and only engage with those clients that fit your skills (and culture).

It’s relatively easy to win new clients and new orders. It’s much harder creating long-term sustainable partnership value.

It’s all too easy to “win” clients that don’t fit your core skills, or are a culture mismatch. These will drag you down and slow you up with horrendous legacy issues until you part ways.

“The bitter taste of legacy far outlives the sweet smell of a new order”

As an agency, our choice not to work with other Content Management Systems such as Drupal or Joomla, or to avoid the very specific e-commerce marketplace, is born from nearly two decades of agency experience and sticking to “what we know”.

And at the same time, ensuring we are experts and, importantly, stay ahead of the market.

By Martin Dower