WordPress Servers Upgraded

WordPress Support.

Fast is good. Zero downtime and stable server response is the dream of WordPress hosting on the cloud, and the dream continues.

Last night we completed major upgrades to 17 servers hosting client sites. It went smooth as you like and with no loss of service. This is how we like to roll.

Since 2010 we’ve exclusively used cloud-base servers for all of our clients. The nature of cloud gives us a flexibility and scaleability that traditional IT departments can only dream about.

WordPress is not the kindest platform to server hardware, it can hammer databases pretty hard and eats up a fair amount of memory. As a result, we’ve got to stay on top of performance and keep ahead of the game. To do that we use a suite of monitoring tools, all of which look at real-time and real-user information to give a solid understanding of how the outside world sees the web services we are responsible for.

By way of example, here is our own site. It handles around 50k visits per month and this is how the outside world sees it.

3.8 sec average response time