WordPress Support : Latest Update

Peerless WordPress Support: May 2018

100% client satisfaction, sub 4hr response, and 474 WordPress tickets solved.

We also publish the latest support update on Twitter.

We are still the only major WordPress Agency in the U.K. to publish independently audited support numbers – underlining our cornerstone commitment to peerless support.

This brings the current 100% client satisfaction streak to 21 months, a new record for us. The total number of tickets responded to within 24hrs for the current period is 96.8% and the current number of unresolved or in-progress tickets is 9 – the lowest number so far this year.

Peerless Support Service level uptime so far in 2018 has been >99.95%

Note on Support Reports: Since 2013 we transparently publish our independently-audited support reports. Until 2018, we would publish monthly manual reports, now we simply update this pagers it’s simpler, more meaningful, creates less clutter and is easier to find. Metrics are reported on a rolling 90-day period and cover ALL interactions with support via our helpdesk. Automated services & functions are not included in responses-times or satisfaction scores.